Dr. Q. Bristow. P.Eng.
Billings Ave.
Ottawa. K1H 5L6
April 15th 2002

To: Ottawa City Councillors

Subject: Moffat Farm

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

Below is the text of a letter I sent to the Citizen yesterday in support of your very courageous call to arms for the local MPs to show some support on the Moffat Farm issue. We all know what the problem is with the NCC, the mandate they have inherited from the Mulroney government says in effect:
"...Thou shalt live off the avails of prostituting National Capital Greenspace for development to the highest bidder..."
We need it to be changed to something more like:
"...Thou shalt cast thy body fearlessly across the path of any bulldozer that threatens the National Capital Greenspace..."

Local MP John Manley is now obviously in a position to do this, but so far he has failed to lift a finger in support of any such initiative. I am sending him a copy of this email rather than one directed to him, because my previous correspondence with him over the years on local issues has been totally unsatisfactory. To see the gory details on my personal website, click on this link ). As far as I am concerned his inactivity on this issue is a shameless betrayal of his constituents, of whom I am one, and of this city, in which we understand he was born and brought up. I am also sending copies to my fellow directors of the Faircrest Heights Community Association and to the Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital.

On the related issue of the tree massacre in Kanata; if it turns out that Richcraft was the developer-in-the-woodpile, it would be nice to think that you have the power to levy a fine so heavy that the company would have to be renamed - Poorcraft.

Dear Editor

The Moffat Farm debacle certainly does highlight the need for a thorough review of the NCC, as several of your correspondents pointed out (Citizen Sunday 14 April). NCC Spokeswoman Peters' prim remark that it would be an 'irresponsible use of Canadian taxpayers' money' to accept an offer of $400,000 from the city to keep that land as a park, adds insult to injury. What is highly irresponsible - and totally unacceptable, is to have a bunch of unelected stooges selling off Canadian taxpayers' greenspace for development to the highest bidder.

We always hear a lot from our MPs about the blessings of democracy, but when they get a call for support from the duly elected city councillors following their unanimous decision to buy the land in question, local MPs Mac Harb and John Manley are nowhere to be found. These gentlemen should remember that part of their democratic duty is 'dancing with the ones what brung them', in this case the local constituents that elected them and who have now made it very clear through their elected council where they stand on this local issue.

[This letter was published the following week]

Yours sincerely,

Quentin Bristow.