This site is divided into several segments to reflect the community issues which have been or are currently on our radar screen. In each case the segment links below take you to briefs and text of presentations which I have prepared for specific hearings of the city Planning and Economic Development Committee, or correspondence with officialdom on other topics. Included in some of these are excerpts from relevant city planning documents showing what the proposals were, what the public reaction was of those who bothered to send anything in, and what the responses were from the city staff to those comments.

An additional link takes you to highlights contributed by the Federation of Community Associations

  1. NCC Greenbelt 1994 and Ottawa Official Plan 1995

  2. Life Sciences Technology Park (East of General Hospital) 1999

  3. Robert Andrew Russell Park; Traffic on Billings Avenue 1999

  4. Residential/Office development on former Rideau Veterans site,
    and elsewhere in and adjacent to the Hospital lands, 2000

  5. Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School closing June 2000

  6. Federation of Community Associations - Highlights

  7. Articles/Letters on City-wide Issues

  8. Alta Vista Transportation Corridor (AVTC) Environmental Assessment Updates

  9. The Light Relief Page
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