Replies from M.P. John Manley and MPP Dalton McGuinty to letter concerning NCC lands

1st June 1995

Dear Dr. Bristow:

Thank you for sending the letter and the card expressing your concerns about the National Capital Commission (NCC) lands in Ottawa South, particularly with respect to the urban corridors study. I regret the delay in replying to you. My staff attempted to reach you by telephone.

As a resident of Ottawa South and, your Member of Parliament, I commend the Alta Vista Environmental Rescue Team (AVERT) in their efforts to communicate the sentiments of the local residents. I am committed to ensuring that the NCC is accountable to the public in dealing with this issue. Furthermore, I am communicating your concerns to the NCC.

As you know, the urban corridor study is being conducted in conjunction with the NCC's review of the Federal Land Use Plan. The NCC has stated that if lands are deemed not to be in the National Interest, the NCC will dispose of these lands to either the city government, regional government or the private sector.

When NCC chairman Marcel Beaudry appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage on March 28, 1995, he reinforced that the Commission intends to consult with residents of the community about the future use of the corridors. As well, during the same presentation, he expressed an interest in the exchange of properties between local governments and the NCC. I believe this avenue should be explored.

Given the significance of this issue in our community, I am encouraging all levels of government to work actively together to find a viable solution. Your communication with me is appreciated.

Yours very truly,

John Manley.

(Reply from Dalton McGuinty)

Dr. Q. Bristow, 12th April 1995
Bi11ings Avenue,
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1H 5L6.

Dear Dr. Bristow:

RE: N.C.C. lands

Thank You for providing me with a copy of your recent letter addressed to the City. of Ottawa Planning and Development Department. have been very supportive of the community's fight to retain our greenspace in Alta Vista.

But for a few years absence as a student, 1 have lived in Alta Vista since 1959. My wife and I have deliberately chosen to settle and raise our four children in Alta Vista because of the high quality of life it offers its residents. A hallmark of our community has always been the presence of our greenspaces..

Certainly, preserving greenspace in a climate of broadly supported fiscal constraint is a formidable challenge but history has taught us that developed land is rarely, if ever, converted back to its natural state. What this means of course is that our struggle to preserve our greenspace is a very. important one insofar as future generations are concerned. This realization should strengthen our resolve.

I remain firmly convinced that if all levels of government and the affected communities work together in the public, interest, a solution can be found. And from my perspective, the public interest necessarily recognizes the right of future generations to enjoy the greenspace for which we are merely temporary custodians.

Having said this, it is only right to recognize that, as the immediate beneficiaries of greenspaces found in our community, we have a special obligation to contribute to their preservation. 1 trust that we are all also thinking of what our obligations are in this regard.

You have expressed very thoughtful comments in regard to the Official Plan, our greenspaces, noise pollution and the Alta Vista Parkway. I will keep them in mind.

Yours truly,

Dalton McGuinty, MPP

Ottawa South