The Ottawa Hospital

November 9, 2000

Mr. Abbey Evenchick
Vice President
Faircrest Heights Community Association 454 Roger Road
Ottawa, ON KlH 5HI

Dear Abbey,

Re: Parking - General Campus

I am pleased to provide you and the Faircrest Heights Community Association with an update.Since our last contact, the Hospital has continued to develop its overall Development Plan in preparation for a formal submission to the new City ofOttawa. We have been working closely with our architects, the provincial Ministry of Health, and planners from both the Region and the City.

As a consequence of this dialogue, we have been asked by the Ministry of Health to develop a long term Master Plan for the Ottawa Hospital and by the City, to commission a traffic impact study and Site Plan application which reflects the development needs of our partner institutions on the overall OHSC site.

As you might expect, these additional requests have extended our schedule somewhat.

Our current status is this... we've begun an extensive Master Planning process with the help of a number of consultants including architects, engineers, surveyors, geotechnical experts .... and traffic consultants. We have established a work schedule which will produce a comprehensive Master Plan, including the traffic study, just prior to Christmas. This plan is designed to address the City's demand for a long term proposal to address parking on the General campus site.

As I have confirmed to you in the past, the Ottawa Hospital will continue to seek effective, low cost, high occupancy parking through an extension of current leasing arrangements with the new City as an interim step to a more permanent solution. These leased spaces provide an attractive (i.e. low cost) parking alternative to staff who may otherwise choose to park on neighbouring streets. We look forward to the additional clarity that will be developed through the Master Plan. Once done, I will be pleased to share its recommendations with your Association.

I trust, at that point, that we may enjoy your support of our future goals.


R. Thompson, B. Arch

Vice President Facilities Management

D. Levine
A. Higdon
P. Hume
V. Simon