29th July 2000
Dr. Q. Bristow, P.Eng.
Billings Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Dr. Bristow:

Subject: Robert Andrew Russell Park

Thank you for your letter of July 22nd, 1999. It was indeed a pleasure to meet with yourself, Mrs. Wright and other concerned citizens to review and discuss the situation at Robert Andrew Russell Park. As we indicated, the Department intends to initiate by September a comprehensive Leisure Land Use Study for the eastern corridor lands and Lynda Lane Park and we will include Robert Andrew Russell Park and Fieldhouse as part of this review. In addition, the issues surrounding traffic in this area will inheritantly form part of this review as it is our intent to involve the City's Transportation Planning staff in this study. In due course, the City staff would expect to identify long-term or permanent solutions to the traffic issues as part of the study.

With respect to the immediate traffic concerns, 1 will copy this letter to Mr. Ted Robinson, Commissioner of Urban Planning and Public Works, with a request that he assess the situation as soon as possible and possibly propose some interim solutions which would mitigate your concerns.

On the matter of maintenance, I understand from Mr. Ray Yantha that he will be sending in a City crew to clean up the existing overgrowth. We will concurrently be communicating with the cricket club with respect to the on-going upkeep of the property while we address the long term use of same.

If I can be of any further assistance, please contact either myself or Pierre Grandmaitre, at

extension 3707, or M-r. Bill Westcott, the planner responsible for the Leisure Study, at extension 4044.

Yours truly,

Janette K. Foo

Commissioner of Community Services

Councillor Allan Higdon
Ted Robinson, Commissioner of Urban Planning and Public Works
Mrs. Joyce Wright, President, Faircrest Heights Community Association
Richard Hewitt, Director, Transportation and Parking Branch
Bill Westcott Business Strategy Branch