TAA2000/BILL (Billings Avenue)
October 7, 1999

Dr. Q. Bristow, P.Eng.
Billings Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 5L6

Dear Dr. Bristow:

Subject: Billings Avenue - Traffic Concerns

I have received a copy of your letter to Ms. Janette Foo, Commissioner of Community Services dated July 22, 1999 wherein you raise concerns about traffic volumes and speeds along Billings Avenue. In response, I would advise that staff of the Transportation Division reviewed speeds and volumes along Billings Avenue in 1998 which resulted in a referral of traffic speed data to the Ottawa-Carleton Police Services for enforcement of the speed limit. Further, a comparison of 1998 traffic volumes with 1989 traffic volumes identified no appreciable increase in traffic volumes or shortcutting along Billings Avenue.

[Most residents will find this totally unbelievable, one wonders at what times of the day (or night!) the volumes were measured in 1998]

I would further advise that the traffic volumes that have been recorded along Billings Avenue, which is designated a Collector Road in the City's Official Plan, are within the volumes identified for this class of road. Also, given its collector function, I would expect any closure of Billings Avenue at Lynda Lane to be a concern to emergency services who rely on the connections provided by Collector Roads. In view of the foregoing, we can not support the closure of Billings Avenue, as you have suggested.

In view of the lack of technical justification from a traffic volume perspective for a road closure, and the road's local collector function, it is the position of my Branch, that the traffic volume concerns that you have expressed and that the community may share cannot be looked at in isolation. Rather, these concerns must be examined in the context of an overall traffic review with consideration to the relationship of Billings Avenue to the larger transportation system and emergency response routes. In this regard, I understand that the Department of Community Services, as part of their Comprehensive Leisure Land Use Study for Robert Andrew Russell Park will also include a review of traffic and possible options. 1 expect that a request will be made by the Department of Community Services for my staff to be involved in this element of the study. At that time, we will include as part of this overall review the concerns expressed by you and other community members related to traffic volumes. Traffic operations staff, however, will continue to monitor speeding concerns on Billings Avenue and request continuing enforcement, if appropriate. Should you wish to discuss the foregoing further, please call Mr. John Smith at 44-5300-1-3866.

Yours truly:
Richard Hewitt
Director of Licensing, Transportation and Buildings

Councillor Allan Higdon
Janette Foo, Commissioner, Department of Community Services
Pierre Grandmaitre, Director of Business Strategy, Department of Community Services
Wilf Koppert, Senior Traffic Operations Analyst, LTB