( 1999 Quentin Bristow)

Lessons from the picture at left:

Lessons from the famous structure at right:

The message here: Don't assume that you will always be able to cut openings into the roof or walls of your building for doors, skylights or whatever, after it has been built. The contractor screwed up big time with this pyramid as these pictures show. He gave up on the skylight (left) and then ended up just dumping the door and porch unit in a corner (right) and walking away from the whole deal. The Pharaoh was really really ticked.

One final word. If you think that being up to your neck in paperwork is bad, remember these folks had it a whole lot worse - stonework. It often took longer to chisel out a contract than it did to build the building, and of course, changing a clause in a finished contract was an absolute no-no.